Daily B: A Whip-Cracking Kind Of Crowd

With the disappointment that was the Diplo remix, my hopes were decidedly dashed upon the leak of the promo CD for “Circus.”

After my plea for someone to breathe new life into the track, I think my prayers have finally been answered!

Below is the A Crowd Electric mix, which features a slew of nifty improvements over the original. Along with a glittering, industrial-electro re-interpretation of the beat, the mix features a filtered, gritty male vocal that only adds to the insanity. “She calls the shots!” he roars into the speakers. Hot.

More frantic call-outs, more beats, and more chaos…Now that’s what a “Circus” remix should be all about.

DL: Britney Spears – Circus (A Crowd Electric Mix) (Sharebee)

For more information regarding A Crowd Electric, click here!

Brit Awards: 2009

Brit Awards: 2009

It’s that time of year again: A time during which I find myself to cuddle

Lily Allen: I Could Be Your Gay

Lily Allen: I Could Be Your Gay

For all still relishing in the sweet deal that is “The Fear,”

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