Tracklisting To The Greatest Pop Album Of 2009

Alright, so the celebration is still a bit premature. Still, this is may-jah: It’s the official tracklisting to the upcoming Pet Shop Boys album, Yes!

1. Love etc.
2. All over the world
3. Beautiful people
4. Did you see me coming?
5. Vulnerable
6. More than a dream
7. Building a wall
8. King of Rome
9. Pandemonium
10. The way it used to be
11. Legacy

As we know, “Love Etc.” will be the first single off of the album, due out in February. That track, along with “More Than A Dream” and “The Way It Used To Be” have been co-written with Xenomania, and the entire album was produced by Xeno Productions as well (Brian Higgins). Pop perfection? Nearly certain!

Thanks to XO for keeping his eyes on the official site!

Royksopp: Big Teases

Royksopp: Big Teases

This just in from Röyksopp HQ: Album news will be hitting their official site

Paula Abdul Is Ruining My Good Time.

Paula Abdul Is Ruining My Good Time.

Well, if this isn’t just the way to start 2009 on the wrong foot

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