Inside Your Groove: Kylie Minogue to Release “Get Out Of My Way” As Second Single from Aphrodite

According to an article in the UK’s Music Week, “Get Out Of My Way” will be the second single from Aphrodite. From the article:

It’s a campaign Parlophone vice president of marketing Mandy Plumb says could roll on for 18 months with the release of up to five singles, including Get Out Of My Way in September. “We are spoilt for singles choices; it is just a question of making sure we get them in the right order,” says Plumb.

This is a very good decision from Camp Kylie because the song just happens to be FUCKING INCREDIBLE.

If you haven’t already, you must, must, must stream the Aphrodite megamix (which I heard first at Splash!), now available at Yahoo UK.

Thanks to ChristopherP of PopJustice Forums for the find.