Daily B: Irritating Wasp In The Rose Garden

It’s sad, but slowly coming true: Perez Hilton is directly involved in something supposedly “major” in the World of B.

Yesterday, the blogger first broke the news that he was to be involved in something super secret, super amazing, etc.

His first clue? “All Eyes On Me.”

Today, he’s made another post, titled “Center” with the word “Attention.”

Of course, these are lyrics from both “Circus” and “Gimme More.” But what will he be doing? A cameo within the “If U Seek Amy” video? I’m already weeping at the mere thought.

The only position I could see him properly filling would be the overweight “ringleader” role of the clown from The Onyx Hotel Tour for The Cirus: Starring Britney Spears; an obnoxious, unneeded attention-getter that serves no real purpose other than to let Britney get changed behind-the-scenes for her next song.

Now that? That I’d be okay with.

EDIT: Around 9:30 PM tonight, he’s added another clue. A post titled “Slave,” with the words “Get it! Get it!” along with a number to call. After suffering through the obnoxious message upon calling, I’ve learned nothing, aside from how to join Perez’ useless phone service. A Marketing Queen, that one.

EDIT 2: Not funny anymore–He’s officially confirmed it on his phone service: Perez will be a part of Britney’s upcoming tour.

I am actually grieving. What an unfortunate decision. So this is how we reward the blogger that kicked her down at her lowest, demanded that her children be taken away, and lamented the loss of “Crazy Britney” last year?

I get it–He’s selling an act.

That doesn’t mean we should further buy into the machine.

Daily B: Fe At Last

Daily B: Fe At Last

We’ve heard talk about gathering “the old team” up again

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