Getting Back To Hikki

Though “Love, Etc.” is still heavily on repeat, I thought I’d get out some of my pre-release giddiness while I’m still feeling extra giggly inside. Tee hee.

Utada‘s This Is The One is due to be released in just two short months, with the release of lead single “Come Back To Me” set to impact American airwaves in little over a week.

Now I’m not going to sugarcoat anything–“Come Back To Me” is not Utada’s strongest moment. It is melodic and soothing, but as far as lyrics and composition are concerned? It’s no “BLUE,” that’s for damn sure.

However, I would strongly encourage the non-fans to wait for the album to be released. And yes, I do keep referencing this, but it bears repeating: “Easy Breezy” was the lead-off track from 2004’s Exodus, and we all know how well that represented the album.

ANYWHO. In preparation for This Is The One (which is now, ironically, her third English album), Utada has been doing a small smattering of interviews. Click here to read her interview with Ningin. There’s nothing too revealing here, aside from Hikki’s fear of the American public attributing her nickname “Hikki” to the American word “hickey.” I never thought of that until now…And now, I will forever. Thank you for that, Hikki!

Also, she wants us to start petitioning for an American tour. Do not tempt me, woman…I would have no problem making that happen.

While we continue to wait, I thought I’d drudge up another one of Hikki’s English releases.

This is a remix of “You Make Me Want To Be A Man,” the surprise European single released in the Fall of 2005. When the first 30 seconds of this mixed version from producers Bloodshy & Avant first premiered online, I was absolutely convinced it was a brand new track!

Alas, I was wrong…’Twas simply a masterful mix. The hit-making duo cast a particularly chilled gloss upon the otherwise frenetic selection, adding bountiful trip-hop elements, Bollywood grooves, and clever vocal distortions that have Hikki yodeling across a windy electro groove. It is not to be missed!

DL: Utada – You Make Me Want To Be A Man (Bloodshy & Avant Remix) (Sharebee)

Leaks, Etc.

Leaks, Etc.

The Pet Shop Boys comeback single, “Love, Etc

NASA: The Spirit Of Apollo

NASA: The Spirit Of Apollo

I told you

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