Najoua Belyzel: Au Feminin

STOP WHATEVER YOU’RE DOINGNajoua Belyzel has a new single out.

What’d you say? You don’t know who Najoua Belyzel is?

I feel for you.

Najoua Belyzel is a gorgeous French-pop chanteuse–still somewhat new on the music scene–known for her minimally offensive, religious-themed dance-pop, faithful gay following, and unique vocal ticks. As a friend of mine once remarked about her vocal delivery, “It’s like Shakira‘s phrasing, but not as forced and awkward.” Spot on!

“La Bienvenue” (which basically translates to “Welcome”) is the lead-off single from Belyzel’s second album (if you don’t count the promo tease release of “Viens, Viens” from a few months back.)

The song is much breezier than anything found on her debut, implementing warm, summer melodies and relaxed vocals in place of the more moody synth stylings of songs like “Je Ferme Les Yeux.” But, as per usual in the world of Belyzel, you’ll need not dig much deeper than the lyrics to realize that all is not well:

She’s walking in silence, looking at the floor, she doesn’t dare
Forgetting this missing mother who didn’t love her
She wasn’t welcome, no she wasn’t welcome
She wasn’t welcome, just one more girl

Hey, at least it’s not about a child being molested by a doctor this time.

According to Julien, a French fan (who also graciously provided the translation above!), “La Bienvenue” will be available for digital and physical purchase in March.

And look…There’s even a video!

In the video, Belyzel finds herself wedged within a box. Upon squeezing herself out, she finds herself wearing an upside-down goose, paired with a fierce ass pair of booties.

From there on in, expect some familiar dabblings in fallen angel imagery and the greatest storyline for Britney‘s “Mannequin” ever told. I’m not sure what lesson we learn by the mini-film’s end, though I imagine it has something to do with women’s rights. Or Jesus.

But hey, don’t stop now–There’s album news as well! Au Féminin, the much anticipated follow-up to her debut, is set for release! According to Julien, the album should be available in May.

Below is the tracklisting:

1 La Bienvenue
2 L’Âme Exilée
3 Ma Sainte-Nitouche
4 Hey Hey Hey
5 Quand Revient L’Eté
6 Au Féminin
7 Viola (duet with Marc Lavoine)
8 Quand Revient L’Eté (string quartet)
9 Combien De Fois
10 La Trêve (Acte I)
11 Tout Va Bien
12 Ma Vie N’Est Pas La Tienne
13 Jérémie
14 Née De L’Amour (Acte II)
15 Fille D’Orient Ou D’Occident

DL: Najoua Belyzel – La Bienvenue (Sharebee)

Najoua Belyzel
Click above to hear more from Najoua!

And for more information, check out Najoua’s blog (which is entirely in French.) Pretty pictures!

Najoua, je t’aime, ma chérie!

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