Moby: Wait For Me

And all of a sudden, Moby is back into the swing of things.

Yesterday, the artist let loose a torrent of information about the release of his next album, Wait For Me, due out on June 30.

It seems that Moby’s become a bit disenchanted with the industry. But really, who isn’t these days? As a result, he’s turned inward and created a record that pleases him for the sake of creativity, not because of sales. Translation? Expect moody atmospherica and weird, electronic sounds.

Tracklisting! GO:

pale horses
shot in the back of the head
study war
walk with me
stock radio
scream pilots
jltf 1
a seated night
wait for me
hope is gone
ghost return
slow light

Above is the video for Moby’s first single (an instrumental, judge this as you may), “Shot In The Back Of The Head,” directed by none other than David Lynch. Like the artwork for Wait For Me, the video is bleak–black and white and mournful all over.

Seems to be quite the sad robot these days, no?

Click here to visit his newly renovated website.

DL: Moby – Shot In The Back Of The Head

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BoA: The DVD Giveaway

BoA: The DVD Giveaway

Alright, Muusers…I’ve got an Excluusive for you!

Daily B: New Threads

Daily B: New Threads

Just a moment ago from Twitter: Just got some new costumes made!

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