Ruffled And Rocking

While I realize this mix hasn’t just come out, I somehow managed to miss this one when it first started made the rounds back in October. But don’t worry…I got this.

As is the case with most of the shelved tracks from Kylie Minogue‘s X sessions, “Ruffle My Feathers” should have probably made the album’s final tracklisting.

It didn’t, though it did make the setlist on the recently completed KylieX2008 Tour. As a result, we mere mortals have yet to have heard the studio version of Miss Minogue’s minor triumph moment.

Until last October at least, when Bitrocka posted a remix snippet of the track on the MySpace.

The track, which has since leaked in full, deserves a healthy post of recognition. Doesn’t the backing beat remind you of something? I can’t figure out what it is yet…Something entirely familiar. Anyway, the mix bends and breaks Kylie’s vocals into lyrical fragments and satisfied coos–A gorgeously executed reinterpretation of a sorely missed opportunity.

DL: Kylie Minogue – Ruffle My Feathers (Bitrocka Remix) (Sharebee)

Speaking of, Bitrocka also did a sweltering, big bass mix of “The One” for Kylie’s latest remix album, Boombox. While nothing can beat the hypnotica that is the original, the Bitrocka styling is a welcome addition under the impeccable X umbrella, ella.

Kylie Minogue - Boombox
Click above to purchase Kylie Minogue’s Boombox, featuring the Bitrocka remix of “The One.”

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