St. Etienne, Bitchslapped

One mix is never enough…And so I bring you a MuuMuse Excluusive.

For some strange reason, the producer behind the incredible BitchSLAPhappy remixes decided to fulfill my request for a slamming remix of Saint Etienne‘s new single, “Method of Modern Love.”

Here are the results.

Not only are the scattered, skittering electro-euphoric pipe beats as juicy as I’d hoped, but the track breathes new life into the very phrasing of the verses.

Make sure to play this one the whole way through, as the track lifts off to another level by the four minute mark. Trust me.

It is–as my grandmother would often say–off the motherfucking chain.

DL: Method Of Modern Love (BitchSLAPhappy’s Method Remix) (Sharebee)

Ayu, Is That YOU?

Ayu, Is That YOU?


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MuuMuse Loves Mariah: And The Winner Is…

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