Alcoholic Whores Not Named Tila Tequila

If you’ve not heard already heard of The Millionaires, don’t fret–you’re really not missing much. The talentless trio of teenyboppers can be likened to an American interpretation of Amy Winehouse, if you removed the beehive and the talent and divided by three.

Alright, let’s face it–they’re just whores.

The nice thing is that when you send their slap-happy tunes through the Hot Pink Delorean remix ringer and “put a donk on it” (as they say in the industry), you end up with a pretty tight, Uffie-like dancefloor killer. (PS: Uffie, where art thou?!)

Just be careful not to spill your alcohol!

DL: The Millionaires -I Move It (Hot Pink Delorean Remix)

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A Bit Belated, But…

A Bit Belated, But…

Congratulations to Brian S

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When “Untouchable” was first announced as the third single from

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