Rihanna Channels ‘JAWS’ For March 2015 Issue Of ‘Harper’s Bazaar’


In case you didn’t see it yesterday, there’s a very cool and urban trend brewing in pop music for 2015: #SHARKPOP, as first invented in 2013 by The Legendary Miss Britney Spears.

When Instagram Illuminati High Priestess-Turned-Folk-Pop Singer-Songwriter Rihanna teased a photo from her forthcoming photo shoot for the March issue of Harper’s Bazaar on Instagram, it seemed as though she was simply swimming with the sharks alongside photographer Norman Jean Roy which, in and of itself, is phucking cool. The pictures are already next-level, and she looks incredible. (And brave!)

But no, she went a step further — and shot a straight-up homage to JAWS too.


A little more personal (raw) note: JAWS was my absolute favorite movie as a kid. (And/or still is?) I knew every single factoid there was to know about the movie, researched all the deleted scenes (the full Alex Kintner attack!), owned tons of books and merch, went on the ride a million times at Universal Studios and obsessed over all the sequels — even read fan-fiction on the Internet. The love runs deep, y’all.

So to see my fave Unapologetic Bad Gal paying homage to the iconic film for its 40th anniversary? Well, it’s a beautiful thing.

LB: Did you watch Jaws as a kid? Did it scare you or thrill you?

R: Both! It freaked me out because I was a beach baby, so every time a new Jaws came out I would take months off from the beach or just sit on the sand. If I happened to get in the water, my dad would hum the theme music, and I was right back out of it. But that was really my fault because I was obsessed with Jaws. Steven Spielberg was my childhood hero.



And that’s not all: While Rih didn’t dish about new music, she did deliver some iconic RiRi answers to some of these questions deeper in the issue. Highlights include…

LB: What was behind your return to Instagram? Did you miss it? How much does connecting with your fans daily mean to you?

R: I … like … pictures! And that’s the bottom line.

LB: How do you feel about censorship on social media? Should the nipple be truly free?

R: The C-word?!!! I don’t even know how to spell that.

LB: You’re about to release a new album. How ambitious are you, having achieved so much? Are you competitive at all?

R: I am very ambitious! It’s ridiculous how much I want to put on my plate, which is already full. I am sensitive to what my team is going through. Actually I’m lying. They get no sympathy … we love what we do!

LB: What makes a BadGal in 2015?

R: You’re about to find out.

…I think we’re gonna need a bigger Navy boat, Rih.


Full story and photos at Harper’s Bazaar.

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