Exactly What I Wanted.

No, Kelly Clarkson, this is about you again. God–sit down already. You’ve already got the #1 record for two weeks in a row now, the least you can do is stop frequenting my blog and go out to celebrate already. Some singers,I swear to God…

How exactly does one improve upon an album that could quite possibly be declared one of the greater (if not the greatest) releases of the year?

Simple…just call up Lykke Li and have her come in for another recording session.

“Were You Ever Wanted?” is the bonus track off of the international version of Junior, and yes…it is quite good. Sure, it’s repetitive go-nowhere nature merits the “bonus” title, but that doesn’t make the track any less brilliant than the albums main contents. “Were you ever wanted? Does your mother love you?” the guest vocalist coos across a rising series of electronica grunts and grinds until crash-landing into a kind of synth-laden utopia. Now that’s how you close out an album.

DL: R̦yksopp РWere You Ever Wanted? (featuring Lykke Li)

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Merry St. Patricks Day, FYI

Merry St. Patricks Day, FYI

A massive congratulations goes out to Utada today for officially breaking the

Bang, Wink, Smack.

Bang, Wink, Smack.

When she’s not too busy keeping her third album on semi-permanent hold,

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