Girls Aloud: Dancing On Ice

Well then, this would be Girls Aloud‘s first ‘proper’ performance of “Untouchable,” their new single. As you can see, the Girls were indeed lifted on high as reported. Well, at least for the first ten seconds.

Okay…so it’s just what they did to open up their Tangled Up Tour, except this time over a massive sheet of ice rather than a massive stage.

The performance was a B+ deal vocally, featuring far too much Sarah (who looked as though last night never really ended) and far too little Nadine (who was cheated any possible camera time during her solo thanks to the in-air theatrical nonsense of the two professional skaters zooming past throughout the song.) But the night’s true accolades should be rewarded toward Nicola, who carried the song almost entirely on her own. Kudos, little one!

To reaffirm, this was NOT a bad performance of a simply so-so “single” mix.

Why then does there seem to be a massive “…BUT” coming?


Jazz hands, goofy pageant smiles, and high kicks abound, the two cheeseballs skating around the Aloud were just about one sashay away from turning this gig into a full-on production of Chicago. Seriously, who organized the choreography for these skaters…Mary Katherine Gallagher?

Thank you, professional dancers Torvil and Dean for completely and utterly ruining the momentum and energy of “Untouchable.”

It’s Almost Time…

It’s Almost Time…

to enter the Circus

Grace: 1, Gaga: 0

Grace: 1, Gaga: 0

I’m too fabulousI’m so fierce that it’s so nutsI live to be

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