Turn the Lights Out: Natalia Kills Teases with Killer Preview of First Single, “Mirrors”


MuuMuse’s Most Anticipated Artist of 2010 did NOT disappoint.

Click above to hear a preview of “Mirrors,” the official debut single by the talented and murderous Miss Natalia Kills.

With a grinding synthesized beat recalling that of the Eurythemics‘ “Sweet Dreams (Are Made of These)” and a healthy helping of over-driven guitars, “Mirrors” is a delicious, dark moment of sexy electro-pop for the up-and-coming artist. “Turning the lights out, tighten the handcuffs / And the mirrors going to fog tonight,” Kills croons as she sorts through her bag of weapons to determine the best tool for torture.

And let’s not forget about the preview video–Kills, you’re looking like one fine murderous mistress tempting those mirror shards!

As a very, very wise woman once said: “There’s a certain satisfaction in a little bit of pain.”

“Mirrors” will be the lead single from Kills’ debut album, Perfectionist, due out in the fall.

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