Michael Jackson Who?

I guess since big brother’s been busy making headlines for his upcoming residence at the O2 this summer, someone had to think quick in the Jackson camp. Regrettably, there were no boobies involved.

While we’d only heard small rumblings regarding Janet Jacksons‘s upcoming work with Sly & Robbie on her post-Discipline work, this latest leak marks the first official (non-official?) taste of things to come. Yes, get ready to work yet again–Miss Janet’s back before she even left.

Generally this is solid stuff, featuring some utterly classic rhythm and sway straight from the ranks of Rhythm Nation. The beat is still fairly minimal and could use a bit of retooling, but that’s to be expected with a demo leak. She’s swimming in safe waters for sure…Only time will tell if that’s what she’ll need to pull this off properly.

EDIT: There’s been some debate regarding the authenticity of the vocals. Some say this may not be Janet…Thoughts?

DL: Janet Jackson – Secret (Demo)

In the meantime, watch below for a choreographer’s exclusive work with the track earlier in January. Possible comeback single then, Ms. Jackson?

Going Tweety

Going Tweety

In other news, P

BoA: Rippin’ Up The USA

BoA: Rippin’ Up The USA

BoA‘s new single featuring Sean Garrett, “I Did It For Love”

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