Royksopp: The Girl And The Robot

Hold on to your eclectic bandannas y’all–It’s time for “The Girl And The Robot,” the much anticipated album track off of Rökysopp‘s upcoming album, Junior featuring Robyn!

Following in tow with the build-to-nowhere composition that is Robyn’s sad disco sensation, “With Every Heartbeat,” backed by a dooming collection of haunted choral moans and glimmering synth waves, and fueled by unrequited love lyricism ready to light that torch ablaze (including Margaret Berger‘s greatest written contribution to pop: “I’m in love with a robot”), “The Girl And The Robot” can officially be credited as the latest addition to Röyksopp’s continually expanding contribution to refined, sophisticated synth-pop at its finest.

As for how to concoct this bad boy? I’d say to take a small dash of Depeche Mode, mix in a hunk of Annie‘s Richard X produced “Songs Remind Me Of You,” and give it just a sprinkling of The Aloud‘s “Untouchable” to boot.

Though it’s not fair to judge until we’ve got the track in its fuller format, I believe we can safely assume that the song will absolutely dominate.

Oh, and if it doesn’t immediately click with you, give it five more spins–I guarantee you’ll be begging for another go.

DL: R̦yksopp РThe Girl and The Robot (Sharebee)

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Happy Up Here In Space

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