This Should Not Be The One.

Here is the video for Utada‘s mediocre American re-debut, “Come Back To Me.”

Honestly, I’m quite angry with the entire Utada project at this point.

You’d think: With Anthony Mandler as the producer, an apparent increase in funding for the project (aside from the newly released album cover which I will NOT be addressing in the interest of inexpressible frustration), as well as a general peaked interest in her re-debut as an international artist seeking to branch out…why not go ahead and put a little more artistic effort into it this time around?

Here we have one of Utada Hikaru’s most visually stunning (gorgeous!) cinematographic efforts in her entire collection, and yet it falls flat on the ground. Why? Because aside from a few key dress changes and an assortment of longing, over-the-shoulder soap opera glances, literally nothing happens in this video.

NOTHING. Anything could have been more interesting than this concept. Even “Easy Breezy” was miles ahead of this one in terms of storytelling!

It’s hard to believe that after such a long wait, this is the actual video. Boring, boring, boring…What a complete disappointment!

And yes, this is coming from a massive fan. It’s only out of love, Hikki. You can do better!

Royksopp: The Girl And The Robot

Royksopp: The Girl And The Robot

Hold on to your eclectic bandannas y’all–It’s time for

Kovak: Electric City Lights

Kovak: Electric City Lights

Song: 7/10

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