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Utada Hikaru, This Is The One snippets: Part Deux.

“Apple and Cinnamon” simply cannot overcome its ridiculous title’s embarrassing repetition throughout the song. It’s catchy and melodious, though I’m left cringing at its blatant awkwardness. Let’s hope the track in full proves otherwise?

On the other hand, “Taking My Money Back” is a refreshing wink back in the direction of First Love, featuring a trippy, skipping beat a la Destiny’s Child.

Hikki’s evidently quite serious about this mission to revive the glory days of R&B with This Is The One. Though it’s a bit too soon to tell, the problem may be that she’s reviving the sound only too well, which could cause the album to fall flat into kitsch.

Let us wait and see.

In other news, Hikki’s hopped aboard the Kyte craze and begun video blogging the most random snippets of her life. First up? Washing her hair.

Judging by the stellar promotion going into this album’s campaign, consider this to be a promotional video…GET FIRED UP!

On Whores.

On Whores.

While I’m not usually one to ride the Don Diablo rave wave, one mere

You Don’t Have A Clue: Lyrics

You Don’t Have A Clue: Lyrics

Yes you are, yes you are

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