Well damn, Dawn.

You know I really Danity Kouldn’t at all with the Danity Kane drama, the break-up and the seemingly endless fallout (all those subtweets and shady radio interviews still happening to this day), but I’ll allow all that noise to fade away for a moment, because there’s no denying that Dawn Richard knocked this release out of the park.

Following both Goldenheart and Blackheart, the indie electro-R&B shape-shifter’s back with a brand new visual to kick off The Red Era, the third installment of her solo trilogy (she’s got a color-coded solo career, conveniently enough) — and she’s seriously serving.

Kicking off with a bit of her Blackheart song “Billie Jean” (saturated in red, of course), Dawn provides some interpretive moves while wearing a crystal-coated mask (a la Tinashe) before transitioning into “Dance” — the first song from the new era, co-penned by “Rude Boy” Queen Ester Dean — which provides, well, exactly that: DANCE. Choreography for days. Fierce looks. Vibrance. Energy.

She really looks like a proper pop star, and the song knocks a little bit harder (and catchier) than her more experimental productions with all those yummy, choreo-friendly beat breaks. That final minute stretch is nothing short of tribal drum and stuttered vocal-filled bliss.

“I wanted to create a vibrant atmosphere. The Red Era is about moving on, redeeming yourself, and finding redemption. It’s time for people to tart feeling good and start embracing who they are while dancing in their own light. That time is now…let’s DANCE!” Dawn says.

Sounds like this is going to be the most fun, full out era yet — I’m in.

Dawn Richard Dance

“Dance” was released on September 28. (iTunes)