Socks And Cinnamon

Well now, this is rather surreal. I feel almost…protective, as though watching a sibling getting famous. Is that creepy of me?

Utada‘s finally putting some full scale, star-studded effort into this thing, performing three tracks off of her second English album, This Is The One in an upcoming appearance on On Air With Ryan Seacrest: “Come Back To Me,” “Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence – FYI,” and “Me Muero.” The performances will be uploaded online soon. Don’t worry, I’m on it when it comes…STOP FREAKING OUT.

The singer also performed “Come Back To Me” and “FYI” live on KTLA 5 Morning News, the latter of which you can see briefly in the LQ clip below.

Slightly more nervous than a typical Japanese performance, but she’s hitting more notes than she usually would. Plus, it’s totally cute. Can’t wait to see this in full!

In other news, Utada’s just done an interview with Blackbook, which is rather insightful and intelligent–if you’re into feet.

No, really…though the conversation may start on the subject of New York, it’s mainly downhill from there, largely orbiting around the subject of socks. According to the superstar, Mariah Carey is to shoes as Utada Hikaru is to socks. Surely this should now explain away the awkward of that “foot video” she uploaded on her Kyte account last week.

As always, Utada proves the ever-curious little munchkin throughout the piece, even going so far as to awkwardly turn the heat onto the journalist:

Do you have a boyfriend right now?
Yes. I’ve always had a boyfriend since like middle school, different boyfriends. I’ve been married and divorced, but love and relationships have always been a part of my life.

Is he famous too?
No. Do you have a boyfriend?

Are you into fashion?

I can only imagine the stuffy interviewer scribbling away at her notebook, when Utada suddenly perks up to asks “HEY! Do you have a boyfriend?!” The interviewer, looking up from her notes blankly, back down, and up again, then moves swiftly into the next question on fashion.

Silly Japanese woman, keep your curiosities to yourself.

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