Girls Alotta

I know, I know…Girls Overboard lately. I can’t help it.

First of all, The Aloud kicked off their Out Of Control Tour last night in Manchester.

Below is the opening of the show. I must admit, it does not seem to top the splendor that was the opening to the Tangled Up Tour. (What could, really?)

Also a bit too similar to the Return of the Spice Girls Tour for my liking.

And now for “Womanizer.” Look at Nuhdeen and her puppet on a string!

Next is the release of “Untouchable,” meaning that the various b-sides and bonus mixes have leaked; the most joy inspiring of which being the Thriller Jill remix of “Love Is The Key.” It’s stompier, spirited, and miles ahead of the original.

DL: Girls Aloud – Love Is The Key (Thriller Jill Remix)

OH. And then there’s the matter of the Singles Box Set, a drool-worthy collection of all 20 (21?) of the Aloud’s Top 10 singles with B-sides, artwork, and a rarities CD.


Needless to say it’s been pre-ordered already.

Interesting that they’ve got “Untouchable” listed on the tracklisting already, as it doesn’t even come out until April 27. Even more entertaining? The fact that they’ve already decided it will peak at #10.

Erm…If you say so, Fascination!

Mix And Madge

Mix And Madge

Twitter can be so useful sometimes

The Gossip: Heavy Cross

The Gossip: Heavy Cross

And now for something completely delicious

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