Knocking Out The Killers

Just in time for the freakin’ weekend, check out this massive, orgasmic re-rub of The Killers‘ “Spaceman” done up by the up-and-coming NYC production duo, The Knocks.

Hold on to your high tops ladies and gents, ’cause this one’s a real stomper! No, I’m serious…tie your laces before you get onto the dancefloor. I’m not about to have anyone losing their shoes out there.

Now bring that bass back and set the night ablaze!

DL: The Killers (The Knocks Remix)

Give It Up…Do As I Say.

Give It Up…Do As I Say.

Merry Thursday, Muusers

Röyksopp: Junior (Album Review)

Röyksopp: Junior (Album Review)

Note: My reviews tend to go to more than one publication–some of which

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