Give It Up…Do As I Say.

Merry Thursday, Muusers.

I don’t know about y’all, but my week has been utterly jam-packed. Loads of nonsense to take care of throughout–chores, work, abortions, and all the rest. Nonetheless, it’s almost the weekend! Therefore, I’m formally declaring this as the official time to unwind.

One of the few things I’ve done for amusement in between the busyness of the week has been the reorganization of my massive digital Madonna collection. In doing so, I’ve rediscovered a ton of sensational mixes simply begging to be dusted off for another spin ’round the block.

And so goes the William Orbit 12″ mix of a little ditty called “Erotica.” Perhaps you’ve heard it? It’s one of the more hidden gems in Madonna’s back catalog, to be filed next to the likes of “I’m Going Bananas” and “Hanky Panky.”

The reinterpretation is pure bliss, pulling back the smutty sound of the original and supplying a stream of sensual, Arabian-infused texture instead. Once you start grooving along to Orbit’s chilled beats, you might almost forget she’s pretending to be a dominatrix looking for some sado-masochistic play.

I said almost.

DL: Madonna – Erotica (William Orbit 12″ Mix)

Lady GaGa: Poker My Eyes Out

Lady GaGa: Poker My Eyes Out

There’s so much wrong going on here

Knocking Out The Killers

Knocking Out The Killers

Just in time for the freakin’ weekend, check out this massive, orgasmic

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