Tying Strings

Click to stream the latest (though not necessarily newly recorded) song added to Angela McCluskey‘s MySpace: “End Of My Rope.”

What’s that you’re hearing? Why, it’s the lulling stum of guitars and a vocal performance born straight out of the Courtney Love school of swagger!

But most curiously (and quite undetectably), it’s the chilly sound of Icelandic winter.

During the dullness that was the European promotional press junket for her 2006 album, The Things We Do, Angela survived on the music of Icelandic band Bang Gang to keep her going through a mindless series of interviews while shacked up in her hotel room. So when she was offered the opportunity to fly out to Iceland for a recording session with Bang Gang’s lead, Bardi Johansson, she jumped on it immediately…thus producing “End Of My Rope,” recorded in December of ’06 and due for release on the songstress’ upcoming record under Republic Project.

Make sure to have a read through Angela’s incredibly witty account from three years ago of her journey to record with Johansson: From braving the winter chill to encountering Jason Priestly’s face on the telly, she’ll have you murmuring “So that’s why they call it Iceland!” at least once per paragraph.

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Angela McCluskey

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