I Wasn’t Quite Expecting You, No.

“Did You See Me Coming?” will be the second single unleashed from the Pet Shop Boys‘ latest success, Yes. According to PSB tweets (note: the wave of the future), the single is tentatively slated for a June 1 release in the UK, to be coupled with three bonus tracks (one titled “The Former Enfant Terrible.”)

Let’s hope the public takes more a fancy to this one, seeing as “Love Etc.” peaked at a mediocre #14 before dropping like a stone through the UK’s Hot 100 (alhough the song is currently and somewhat inexplicably resting at #2 under Beyoncé‘s “Halo” under the US Single Sales chart on Billboard).

Tying Strings

Tying Strings

Click to stream the latest (though not necessarily newly recorded) song added to

Finding Anthonio

Finding Anthonio

It has arrived–the full version of Annie‘s upcoming single,

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