Dragonette: Fixin To Thrill

Okay, okay…so I was a little late getting on board the Dragonette train today. Guess I was just far too busy riding out back on the Naked RiRi caboose (oh HAYYYYY).

The lady and mens of Dragonette have a new single out which is called “Fixin To Thrill.”

After a series of lab studies, I’ve concluded that the song is:
+ Rather listenable and
+ Contains no less than three possible bridge candidates for “good chorus” material.

Though I can’t quite put my finger on who I’d compare the sound to, I’d say it’s a more mainstream, polished cross between The Gossip and The Noisettes.

For the band themselves, this is a sharper, bitchier, and much crunchier noise than anything off of Galore. And you know what? I like that sort of thing.

Oh yes, and the band wants you to know that this is all quite legal. In fact, they want you to rip it to shreds…so click here to download the a capella, call up your electro-underground friends with the big dangly gold necklaces, and let them fix it up!

DL: Dragonette – Fixin To Thrill

Look for the commercial release for this bad boy around the end of May, with the accompanying album of the same name following in August or September.

Utada: Crying Like A Child…

Utada: Crying Like A Child…

According to Yahoo!

Crazy Mix Up Sunday!

Crazy Mix Up Sunday!

Put on your boots, Muusers

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