Utada: Crying Like A Child…

According to Yahoo!Music Japan, Utada‘s next Japanese single release will be called “9 Sai No Omoide” (or “9 Year Old Memories”), due out on August 21.

…Sounds like a ballad to me.

Please, please dear Jeebus, let this not be (a) a children’s song or (b) dedicated to that fucking bear, Kuma Chang. I’m sorry, but let it die already, Hikki!

Thanks to MuuMuse reader, Miss E, for dropping a line about the song!

Heartbreak, Give Me A Seizure

Heartbreak, Give Me A Seizure

Buckle up, kiddos…it’s time to premiere the video for Sophie

Dragonette: Fixin To Thrill

Dragonette: Fixin To Thrill

Okay, okay…so I was a little late getting on board the Dragonette train

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