Eri Nobuchika: Hands

TITLE : hands
2009.06.03 Release
1.Melody / Ryuichiro Ymaki
2.きみなんだ / さかいゆう
3.タシカナモノ / THE COMPANY
4.calling you / DSK (Port of Notes)
5.せせらぎ / 信近エリ produced by 高田漣
6.つなぐみらい / 沖仁
7.STEP / 沖仁
8.DEEP BLUE / 大橋トリオ

This would be the cover and tracklisting to my most anticipated J-Pop release in months–if not years, Eri Nobuchika‘s Hands.

EDIT: OH MY GOD. Eri’s got THREE new tracks from the album up at her MySpace now!

And the result is…jazzy? I’ll admit, I was initially crushed beyond belief. What happened to the mysterious, throbbing electronica she conquered so well on her debut?!

But then I gave another listen or two to the previews again, and I do like what I’m hearing. It’s loungey, relaxing, and perhaps a fitting reaction piece to Eri’s first. As a chill-out enthusiast, I’m still excited to hear the mini-album in full–just found it a bit jarring to hear Eri shift from the all-out explosive cries of “Voices” to a series of listless coos.

Daily B: Re-Entering The Circus

Daily B: Re-Entering The Circus

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#11, meaning that unless the girls perform a miracle and chart higher next week,

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