Yeah Yeah Yeahs: Heads Will Roll Video Premiere

In an attempt to distract myself from the pure vitriol that would otherwise be spilling out across this blog left and right as a result of California’s ridiculous decision to uphold Proposition 8, I’ll instead happily present the latest video from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs for “Heads Will Roll.”

GORGEOUS video, gorgeous visuals…and a nice rally chant to boot, isnt it?

Let the glitter fly, bitches!

Make sure to check and see if the YYY’s are touring near you this summer.

Introducing…Ghost Vs Sanne!

Introducing…Ghost Vs Sanne!

In the wake of my recent Winehouse revival (and in mourning of the disaster that

Beyonce Got A Fat Ego.

Beyonce Got A Fat Ego.

It’s been hours, and still nothing has helped to lift my Prop H8 frowny

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