Empire Of The Sun: Standing On The Shore (Video Premiere)

Take Roxy Music‘s Siren album cover,
add it to The Fifth Element,
and then add it to Land Of The Lost,
with a tiny dash of Pucci’s color palette,
and voila: “Standing On The Shore.”

Jokes aside, this is one of the most visually appetizing music videos I’ve encountered this year. Stunning imagery and abundant strangeness…now that’s pop innovation for you!

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Empire of the Sun

Frankmusik: Recompleted

Frankmusik: Recompleted

Head over to Frankmusik‘s Myspace RIGHT NOW to listen to the complete

The Paradiso Girls: Patron Tequila

The Paradiso Girls: Patron Tequila

The Paradiso Girls (L-R): Nicole Scherzinger, Scary Spice, Sarah Harding,

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