The Paradiso Girls (L-R): Nicole Scherzinger, Scary Spice, Sarah Harding, Christina Milian, A Blonde

I have a confession of sorts.

Well, it’s not really a confession, but it’s about the closest thing I’d ever consider to labeling as a “guilty pleasure.”

I am utterly, unwaveringly obsessed with the song “Patron Tequila” by the Paradiso Girls.

Maybe it’s because they are five girls with five different accents.

Maybe it’s because the chorus is “By the end of the night, I’m gonna have you drunk and throwing up / And by the end of the night, I’mma have you so fucked up!”

Or maybe it’s just because I’m just a sucker for girl groups founded by Robin Antin.

IT DOESN’T REALLY MATTER WHY…I just can’t get enough!

I’ve been listening for trashy dancefloor stormer for weeks! Let’s call it like it is, Muusers…this is a fun one. Paradiso Girls…you’re on my ray-dah.


DL: The Paradiso Girls – Patron Tequila