Introduucing…Daisy Dares You!

This is Daisy Coburn, otherwise known as Daisy Dares You.

Daisy Dares You is 15 years of age. (!!?!)

Daisy Dares You creates “alt-pop” music that sounds to be about on par with her contemporaries, including the golden pop sensibility of Little Boots, the sarcastically sweet confections of Kate Nash, and the enunciation skills of Lily Allen.

Her list of influences is fairly impeccable (Karen O begins the list, including Natasha Kahn, Lykke Li, Debbie Harry, and The White Stripes, amongst hundreds of others), which doesn’t always mean something but seems to mean something in this case.

I find her to be both refreshing and nice.

Here are two songs to enjoy from her. You may notice that Daisy Dares You sings a song called “Daisy Dares You,” which is helpful not only because (A) it is her name but (B) because she goes on to spell it out letter by letter in the chorus. So really, if you haven’t gotten the name down by that point, you’d probably be best to move on from here.

DL: Daisy Dares You – Daisy Dares You
DL: Daisy Dares You – No. 1 Enemy

Sounds like talent in the works to me.

If you liked her as much as I did, then click here to visit her MySpace.

Daily B: Brit Goes Brit!

Daily B: Brit Goes Brit!

No, the accent’s not back…tonight is Britney‘s opening show of

David Guetta ft. Kelly Rowland: When Love Takes Over (Video Premiere)

David Guetta ft. Kelly Rowland: When Love Takes Over (Video Premiere)

And here we have the official video for “When Love Takes Over,” the

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