Artist: Lolene
Where you from, lady? Bristol, UK.
What the mini-biography says: “Coining the term, ‘awkward pop,’ Lolene describes her sound as ‘Joan Collins in Dynasty, Studio 54, white jump-suits, and disco balls.'”
What it actually means: She makes modern electro-pop music.
Claim to Fame: Songwriter; wrote for Andreas Carlsson, Danja, and the song “Diamonds” for Christian Milian and Kanye West.

Choice single: “Sexy People.”
Choice lyric: “Sexy bitches, we rule the world!”
What it sounds like: Paris Hilton singing on top of a Britney Spears track infused with Lady Gaga‘s hermie-penis testosterone.

It’s tentative and all, but is this–dare I say it–England’s proper response to the Gaga?

You decide: Stream “Sexy People” in high quality RIGHT NOW.

Let me know what you think!

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Daily B: Britney Loves Russell

Daily B: Britney Loves Russell

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The New Madonna Video is Possibly Horrifying

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