There are times when I find a song communicates my emotions in a way conversation never could. The last song that made me feel that way? Khia‘s “Like Me.”

Now I’d like you all to try “Style Over Substance,” a minimal electro-mockery of all things hip by a group called Suds & Soda. From rat-like dogs to large sunglasses, Suds and Soda locks it in right from the get-go. Oh, and it doesn’t hurt that it sounds like a polished Dragonette demo.

“We’re a faceless band, we play electroclash. Does that make us cool? Does that make us cool?” the emotionless lead ponders off the last ten seconds of the track.

Answer: Yes…yes it does.

DL: Suds & Soda – Style Over Substance

Click here to go to Suds & Soda’s MySpace.