Introducing…Doe Deere!

Much to my deepest chagrin, I neglected to look into the musical repetoire of the fanciful Doe Deere until I happened upon ElectroQueer‘s energetic interview with the tiny disco dancer today. She’s obsessed with recreating the ’80’s which, admittedly, is nothing new–but she’s certainly taking it to another level with her debut album, Supernatural. Her major single, “One Touch,” is a real treat; it’s vintage, it’s futuristic, and purely glamorous. There’s “SF Disco,” which is a slippery stomper of a track, and “Mona Lisa,” the contemplatively beautiful number that brews and burns slowly into its quicker chorus.

But not only does she produce some wickedly addictive, ’80’s infused records…she’s competant, too. She’s got a really confident take on today’s music industry, and remains undaunted by downloading. She’s giving her album away for free, in fact! You can buy it physically, digitally, or download it…she truly doesn’t give a damn. Her philosophy? The more you hear, the more you’ll want! Through sponsorships and promotions, she believes that today’s artists can thrive. I love it, and I do believe in market saturation leading to success, so I support this Russian doe in her musical conquest. Charge on! Check out her MySpace here.

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