Kylie Minogue Selects Writers For Upcoming Record

This should come as a surprise to no one really, but Kylie Minogue has chosen to go ahead with the massively successful, massively talented ‘production haus’ Xenomania to pen tracks for her upcoming post-X record, due early next year.

According to an article in The Sun, Kylie’s already recorded a few tracks, including “Better Than Today,” which an exec described as an “‘awesome, Scissor Sister-style tune.'” Apparently, the Xeno team will be responsible for six tracks on the record.

I don’t give a damn if they’re everywhere on the UK scene right now–they’ve yet to disappoint. Happy days!

But–there a zinger thrown in! The writer responsible for the remainder of the album is Nerina Pallot, a BRIT-award nominated singer-songwriter who hasn’t been all that successful with her own career but is quite underrated and talented as a writer in her own right. You know, a real Alexis Strum sort of deal. (Has anyone heard from her lately?!)

Additionally, kudos to mikegray on the PopJustice! forums for drawing this possible connection: Nerina Pallot just so happens to be playing an uptempo ditty live called “Better Than Today” lately.

Think that’s a mere coincidence? Add an electro-bass line behind that guitar and tell me that’s not the slowed down version of a classic Kylie track. I mean, come on: “What’s the point of living if you don’t want to dance?” COME ON. That’s Kylie material.

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Introduucing…Mikky Ekko!

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