Wow. When the world’s (arguably) greatest vocalist starts binging on the AutoTune, you know you’ve got a trend gone overboard. But aside from the general rape and pillaging enjoyed by this oft-abused production technique, let’s take a moment to analyze “Obsessed”:

+ It is sort of a mash-up of anything you’ve ever heard on Ciara and Electrik Red‘s new album, thanks to the powerhouse production duo The-Dream and Tricky Stewart.

+ Therefore, it is really quite good.

+ It’s also something you’ve never heard from Mariah Carey.

+ It’s slow, but sort of in a defiant, ominous manner that keeps you wanting to know what’s around the corner.

+ There are horns.

+ I can imagine a lot of slow, fierce walking and ‘tude involved in the upcoming music video.

+ I think I might already be a bit obsessed with the song. (LOL PUN!)

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