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Sky Ferreira: One (Single Review)

First we had “17”–now there’s simply “One.”

“One” is Sky Ferreira‘s debut single on Parlophone Records.

The song sounds a bit like if Marina & The Diamonds‘ “I Am Not A Robot” went out for a few drinks with Little Boots‘ “Stuck On Repeat,” except the date took place in an underwater bar and Bloodshy & Avant (the producers of this piece) were busy conducting a small symphony in their scuba gear nearby while Diana Vickers‘ “Once” was busy making sexy eyes at them from the corner of the bar.

Structurally “One” is quite different than your average pop track, complete with plenty of repeat-heavy, dreamy vocals and squeaky disco sounds that neither form entire verses or choruses (though it still vaguely follows the familiar verse-chorus construction). This is a good thing because it keeps pop music interesting and less predictable than usual.

Speaking of good things, I like the fact that Ferreira is kind of like a more mature, more musically interesting response to Ke$ha (even though she’s only seventeen), but without all of the distracting faux-drunk revelry.

I still can’t quite come up with a proper description of her persona or her sound…but I suppose that can only be a good thing. I think.

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