Daily B: Mannequin: How Did We Get From Here To There?


On September 5, “mystery” footage leaked onto MSN of Britney rehearsing choreography for “Mannequin,” featuring a nearly returned-to-form Spears working hard and sticking moves not encountered since pre-2005.

Exactly nine months later on July 5, Britney performed “Mannequin” for the first time on her tour, The Circus: Starring Britney Spears.

And so the question becomes: How did we get from there to here? Or, perhaps more specifically: What the fuck was that?

It wasn’t the shoes (she’s done it in higher heels) and it wasn’t the “first night” jitters (she’s done live performances before). So what was it? I think it was the choreographer.

Why? The choreographer behind the rehearsal footage was not brought onto the final project of The Circus. I’m actually not sure whether it was Wade Robson or Andre Fuentes behind the “Mannequin” rehearsal (pretty sure it’s Fuentes), but in any case, both were let go before the show finally hit the road.

My not-so-educated guess is that whoever is behind the choreography for this one either doesn’t “get” Britney, rushed the job, or simply isn’t so great at creating a challenging set. Last night’s performance was mediocre at best; the moves were slight, awkward, and way too overly literal. (The weepy eyes gesturing during the “cry, cry, cry” bit? Hideous!)

So was it entirely Britney’s fault? I honestly don’t think so. The background dancers gave just as halfheartedly as the star, and their moves were really no different than her own. Sure, it doesn’t help that Britney doesn’t seem to want to stick her moves as of late (2007 and counting), but that doesn’t change the fact that the choreography was little more than an updated version of “The Robot.” And judging by the fact that no one’s been entirely pleased with the choreography of The Circus to begin with, it’s not so surprising that a new number proves equally “meh” in terms of technique.

Honestly, I just don’t think B is being challenged enough.

And that is all I’ve got to say on this very important matter.

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