You had a Long Way 2 Go, but now you’re finally here in Cassie‘s boudoir. So, what you gonna do about it?

After serving us the hypnotic and chilly kiss-off “Love A Loser” with G-Eazy last year (a Top Song of 2017!), plus her under-the-radar, hyperventilating dance floor Eden Prince collaboration “Obvious,” the icy-R&B goddess is keeping this comeback rolling into the New Year with a new track called “Don’t Play It Safe,” produced by Kaytranada.

“Kay and I have been working on this project for a while now. I look forward to everyone hearing what we have in store. He just gets me,” she says of their first collaboration, which is basically a super chill suggestion to hurry up and mount her. Now.

Don’t wait baby, don’t play it safe / Come take the reins, show me some things,” she sensually coos above the warm and hazy beats.

As with every Cassie production, the seductive come-on oozes effortless cool while it glides through the speakers. It’s a bop out of the box, but this one’s probably going to be even better when served lounging by the pool later this summer. (She generously demonstrates as much in the color-coated, Life Garland-directed visual.)

Cassie stays captivating as ever in the music video, serving runway model on the balcony, fashionista in the street (that Louis Vuitton crop top…) and poolside sun goddess for good measure, soaking up some rays while seated very casually next to her pet tiger. Oh, what, you don’t have one?

Coy, but boy be sure, don’t you wait / Swear I want you the same way,” she assures. “If you want it, gotta take it.

Seriously, she’s making it abundantly clear: here’s her invitation, baby. Hope it sets you free.

Now here’s hoping Cassie keeps riding this vibe all the way to a new album in 2018.

“Don’t Play It Safe” was released on December 22. (iTunes)

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