Daily B: "Kill The Lights" Lyric Explained

Throughout the entirety of the Circus album, there is perhaps no more disputed lyric than the one found in the first verse of album track, “Kill The Lights”:

“If you’re feeling froggy, leap.”

My initial thought on the matter was simply no, Britney did not just say the word “froggy.” I must have heard that wrong. Then I realized that she did. I slowly began getting used to singing this lyric that made no sense whatsoever, eventually moving on with myself in order to go about my daily affairs as usual.

BUT NOW EVERYTHING HAS CHANGED. (Eh? Eh? See what I did there? “Unusual You” reference!)

It has come to my attention that the phrase “feeling froggy” is, in fact, a SLANG TERM. From the literati behind the scholarly reference site, Urban Dictionary:

Froggy – When niggas be all anxious and shit ready to scrap.

So in essence, Britney is saying, “Hey, friend. If you’re going to allow a little nervous energy to carry you into a state of aggression, I will not hesitate to pop the top off a can of crazy and bust an umbrella on your skittish, frog-like ass.”

The more you know!

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