Full disclosure: One of my advertisers is paying me to promote this upcoming show for Sundance. That being said, this post’s inclusion on MuuMuse is based on the fact that I’m genuinely excited by the program’s concept and its upcoming guests.

Starting this year, the Sundance Channel has introduced a new program called Spectacle: Elvis Costello with…, which features a new artist each episode.

Unlike traditional talk shows, the program is unique in that, rather than just asking a few trivial questions about their current album and who they’re schtupping lately, Costello will be hosting actual discussions with the artists about their music, as well as the creative process behind their work. The show will even takes viewers into the studio to watch how artists create their tracks.

Some of the featured and upcoming artists include the aforementioned Nelly Furtado, She & Him, Jenny Lewis, and, to my sincerest surprise, the 42nd president of the United States, Mr. Billiam Clinton.

To me, it sounds like the makings of a potential audio geek’s paradise. Now bring on Madonna!