Easing Slowly Into Booty Luv: A Guide

There are few bands that I write off solely because of the name. Booty Luv was one of them–at least initially. I just couldn’t, on principle, listen to a band with the name Booty Luv. IT’S JUST TOO MUCH TO TAKE.

But I’m a professional blogger, friends. I don’t just pick and choose my acts at random–I’m the real fucking deal. And so, in the interest of being Fair And Balanced, I succumbed to the Luvvin’ just this one time. And to my great surprise, it was a nearly painless experience!

From what I’ve gathered from the video, Cherise and Nadia are two fun-loving gals. They enjoy nights on the town, glittery heart pillows, gambling, and lots and lots of Booty Luv.

Their latest single “Say It” is by no stretch of the imagination innovative or new, nor is it the autotuned dance floor onslaught we’ve come to expect in this cheapened, post-Gaga-fied world. It is simply a ‘good tune’ with some dancey bits. In fact, one might even call it refreshing and fun.

As a result, I can now semi-proudly declare myself a Booty Luv fan.

By the way: Doesn’t it sound like they’re singing “If you want my butt, body / come get it, get it” in the chorus? Maybe it’s just the Booty talking.

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Booty Luv

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