Toni Braxton Was Just Kidding About Taking A Break From Music, Recording Album with Babyface

Toni Braxton Babyface

The legendary Toni Braxton threw us all into a tizzy in February when she appeared on Good Morning America and announced that she was taking a break from music, declaring: “My heart isn’t in it anymore.”

Apparently she’s since found a way to un-break her heart, because we’re officially getting new music again in September.

Last night, the “He Wasn’t Man Enough” chanteuse revealed on Instagram that she’s stepping back into the studio with longtime collaborator Babyface, who produced at least one song on every studio album Toni’s released since her debut, including “Breathe Again” and “You’re Makin’ Me High.”

This is amazing news (OBVIOUSLY), as Toni’s remained a reliable source of soulful, sultry deep-voiced R&B goodness since 1993’s Toni Braxton all the way up until her latest studio album, 2010’s Pulse (which remains unbelievably underrated and highly listenable to this day.) Even her EDM flirtation last spring, “I Heart You,” is several shades better than your typical dance floor fodder.

Also, hello: It’s Babyface. She’s obviously in good hands.

I love me some Toni: Welcome back, Miss Braxton!

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