Kesha Just Threw Up In My Closet…And I’m Loving It.

As you know, we here at MuuMuse appreciate all types of music: Throw us any genre, any styling, and chances are there’s at least something nice to say about a song. But perhaps nothing is more beloved ’round these parts as the incomparable genre hereby dubbed as trash musique: Khia, Tila Tequila, and now…Ke$ha.

Ke$ha (here on in to be referred to as ‘Kesha’) is the voice behind Flo Rida‘s relentlessly obnoxious “Right Round,” as well as the background voice on Britney‘s “Lace And Leather.” (Weird, right?)

As you may gather from her seizure-inducing MySpace, Kesha doesn’t ‘give a shit.’ Her music is pure, unfiltered fizzy drunk pop, combining the auto-tune abuse and electro-gangsta “Ready To Uff” appeal of Uffie, coupled with the chops of Katy Perry and the fearless flow of Robyn.

Admittedly, I’d written her off as a bit of a talentless whore back when “Right Round” premiered months ago. However, upon hearing what’s expected to be her official debut single, “P. Diddy,” along with a 2-CD set of recently leaked demos, my thoughts have changed entirely.

From throwing up in Paris Hilton‘s closet to fucking the DJ (hay gurl hay!), the thrust of the Kesha collection is right up my alley. And the funny thing is, the songs don’t even suck. Like, at all. In fact–they’re DAMN good. Didn’t entirely dig “Diddy”? Then try “Backstabber,” an electro-fueled bitch fest slighting the bitches and hos trying to pull a fast one on K$.

What’s more is that her upcoming debut album appears to have been granted the Midas touch: The producer’s list currently boasts the heaviest of hitters, including Dr. Luke, Max Martin, Benny Blanco, and Fernando Garibay.

Oh, and as for that upcoming album? Ke$ha wants you to become the album cover! You m-u-s-t check out this video to find out how. (Hint: It involves crackheads.)

Joyous rapture, blessed be…I’ve found a new drunk-pop sensation! Now let’s pray she makes it to her album’s debut before the cirrhosis kicks in.

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