Frankmusik: Complete Me (Album Review)

Because I’m far too busy to write a proper review, but perhaps even more because he kept us waiting for far longer than any artist should, I’m express-reviewing Frankmusik‘s debut, Complete Me.

Artist: Vincent “Frankmusik” Frank

Cover Art: C+ (See initial promo cover art.)

Producer: Stuart Price

Which means what to me, exactly?: He’s the man behind Madonna‘s killer 2005 record, Confessions On A Dance Floor.

What does it sound like, in five words or less: Glitchy, jittery electro-pop goodness.

Is it “80’s-inspired”?: Yes, but not really in that annoying sense.

Choice (Grade A) tracks: “Gotta Boyfriend?” “Three Little Words”; “Down Down”; “Run Away From Trouble”; “Confusion Girl (Shame Shame Shame)”

Sounds like: Little Boots with a lot more personality and soul, La Roux with slightly less ’80’s kitsch and frigidity, and everything DIY-electro paired with an urgent vibrato and a faint-yet-endearing lisp.

Hype Factor: The excitement surged starting in 2008, peaked somewhere between than and 2Q 2009, and never really recovered since.

Does it live up to the hype?: No. Well–I suppose it might have back then.

How it will probably fall in terms of ranking: At least Top 20 of 2009, if not Top 10.

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