Electrik Red: How To Be A Lady Volume 1 (Album Review)

Well, this review ought to divide my readers.

Electrik Red are like the bitter castoffs booted from a pre-fame Destiny’s Child (one of them is named Binkie!) that decided to team up, have a massive orgy with The-Dream, and then cook up the most ghettolicious, glorious heap of scrap tracks from Ciara‘s latest album and called it How To Be A Lady: Volume 1.

Now, if there’s anything that I love in this world, it’s a girl with a potty mouth. Make that four girls with potty mouths! I’m talking ’bout some trash-talkin’, y’all-don’t-know-me type of shit–that’s why I listen to Khia for motivation and spiritual guidance.

Really then, it will be no surprise for anyone to learn that within the first few seconds of the opening track off of the Reds’ debut that I quickly learned to love: “And I’m the shit wit the shit shawty / I’m the shit wit the shit / I know what I’m doin’ with this shit / ‘Cause I’m the shit with this shit, shawty.” Concise, yet mind-blowing. Yes… ’twas love at first “Muah.”

Later on, my emotions were only further confirmed with the delicious bluntness of “W.F.Y.”, the squeaky, “Maneater”-friendly stomps of “Kill Bill,” and “P Is For Power,” the defiant “Single Ladies” addendum that plays like the schoolyard chant I never had growing up: “You ain’t gettin’ no P…nope, nope.” Any guesses on what it stands for? Me either.

But even if the uptempos aren’t your thing, the slow jams just may be. Take for instance the supple, grind-ready “9 To 5” that clocks in just around the proper baby-making BPM. You’ll want to watch for some small glimmers of the Janet Jackson of yesteryear that one, as well as within the irresistibly catchy single, “So Good.”

Lets keep it real here: If you’re looking for originality, talent, or anything of any substantial cultural or musical value, this may not in fact be your cup of bubbly. But if you’re the type of person who finds solace in Kelis‘ “Fuck Them Bitches,” Ciara‘s “G Is For Girl (A-Z),” or anything off of Danity Kane‘s (RIP) last two albums, you’re going to have some fun.

DL: Electrik Red – W.F.Y.

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Electrik Red - How to Be a Lady: Vol. 1

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