Introducing….Ready, Fire, Aim

No, not a typo. The name of the band is Ready, Fire, Aim, and they’ve come guns blazing. The band’s debut album This Changes Nothing won’t be released on May 27th, but I got a chance to preview the new group’s sound. According to their marketing, their sound is supposed to be a mesh of Nine Inch Nails edge meshed with the beats of Depeche Mode. Sounds like industrial dark house magic, right? Well, it’s not that–but it’s still pretty good.

The groups lead singer, Sage Rader–known also as a poet, author, and commentator–is deadly serious about his music. Most of the tracks tend to drag on a little longer than necessary, yet they’re all rich with certain moments of excitement. The lead’s voice is sexy beyond belief, making the album at times sound like a baby-making instruction manual. The tracks are quite lush, and often exciting.There’s a lot of synth-pop to be found between the break-beats and electric static, though occasionally monotonous.

Like the band’s description, the CD’s marketing is also fairly out of place. The album comes in a tri-fold digipack, with glossy black font that requires the reader to tilt the CD toward the light in order to read the back cover. The insert inside is a whirlwind of blood-red jagged font lyrics, like something from a Finger Eleven album–I really don’t see it. I can see moody New-Wave imagery, but this gothic touch? Not as much.

That being said, the image isn’t the most important element; the music is. So check out their MySpace, as there’s currently not much else about them on the Internet yet. Additionally, enjoy the exclusive remix track, “So Fine (Plus Move Remix)”. Dig in!

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DL: Ready Fire Aim – So Fine (Plus Move Remix)

Beat Goes On

Beat Goes On

Here we go with the radio edit of will

Suck On This

Suck On This

Album promo is so damn delicious

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