So Who Went Crazy Enough for U2?

Many, many thanks to all the entries for the U2 I’ll Go Crazy…If I Don’t Win This Contest!. They were mostly hilarious, and I really appreciated (and took advantage of) all the promised sexual favors and monetary bribery. And now, drumroll please…

The winner of the super fan prize pack is: Muuser Vincente F., who sent in this grammatically dubious yet undeniably heartfelt explanation of just how he’d go crazy if he didn’t win this contest:

If I don’t win this contest I will go to the nearest ice-cream store, buy 10 gallons of chocolate ice-cream, search Bono and the rest of the band around the world while I eat the ice-cream, otherwise I’d be hungry… When I find the band I will share some of my ice-cream, if theres still is some, with them and then show them via webcam with my laptop all their stuff I own, including the sweated towel Bono threw to the crowd in one of his concerts, and then make them give one of those amazing teachers and oblige them to give muumuse an exclusive interview… and finally after I convince them of everything I will take Bono to another ICE-CREAM STORE and invite him another ice-cream :)…

Thanks for playing everyone!

As usual, keep reading–more giveaways await in the very near future.

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