Songs Finally Remind Me of You Too, Annie.

Annie Songs Remind Me Of You

“Songs Remind Me of You” has had an interesting journey.

We first heard about it in 2006, when PopJustice! began raving about some new song off of Annie‘s sophomore effort, a Richard X-produced track called “Songs Remind Me of You.” Like a moth to a flame (burned by the fire), my interest was peaked by the song’s brilliant name and drool-worthy track description. After two years of delays and setbacks, we finally got to hear the song in full, glorious quality in 2008 when Don’t Stop almost kept chugging along to release. That is, until that fateful day in which the plug was pulled.

Almost one year since “Songs” was (almost) first released, the track is now actually being released (really this time!) as the single behind Annie’s American release of Don’t Stop (really this–well, maybe not. You never know.) Sure, it’s not quite being promoted properly, and there aren’t any remixes or B-sides, but what more could you ask for? She is, at long last, acknowledging that this song–still perfect after nearly a year’s delay–exists!

If you haven’t already heard it yet, you absolutely must–think lush disco, breathy vocals, and intergalactic swarms of electronica. You know, everything the Little Boots album should have been but wasn’t. It was also my ringtone for the summer of 2008. Are you not convinced yet?

It’s been a long time coming, but “Songs Remind Me of You” has finally touched ground. A-fucking-men.

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